• Flexibility

    While the Search Appliance is designed to handle most common situations out of the box, we understand that every organization is unique. We have designed in the flexibility needed to adapt to your specific needs, including:

    • Available in various form factors: Hardware appliance, VM appliance for virtualization environments, Hosted service, or Installable software.
    • Tunable relevance ranking — make the search work the way you want, not just a black box.
    • Adding the common phrases and abbreviations you use, so they can match alternate words as appropriate. For example some customers may want ink and toner to be treated the same, whereas others don't.
    • And much more...
  • Fast Implementation

    Every product has a certain learning curve. Our Head Start Program shortens it by helping you configure your appliance so it's in production as quickly as possible.

  • Investment Protection

    As your needs grow you can upgrade to a larger model at any time as long as you have a current maintenance contract, and you will receive full-credit for your existing investment. That means there is no penalty if you start small and then grow into a larger model as you do not need to repurchase anything.

    In addition the Search Appliance has a perpetual license, there is no need to repurchase every few years, and the maintenance package can be renewed for however long you want to keep the appliance.

  • Increased website ROI

    When users can find what they are looking for on a website easily they are more likely to take the desired action, whether that be a product purchase, information request, or simply learning what they wanted to know.

  • Reduced customer service costs

    Providing a self-service means to access common information on a website can reduce the number of calls or emails to customer service. In addition customer service can use the same search when answering questions.

  • Increased productivity

    If you are like many companies you have file shares full of documents, but aren't sure exactly what is there or where it is. By providing a quality search you can quickly locate both the documents you are looking for, as well as related documents that may already exist, preventing duplicate effort. And our “Head Start” program helps you get up and running as quickly as possible.

  • And More …

    To discover more about how you can unlock the information you already have or if you have any other questions about search contact our knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right product for your needs. Or you can use our self-service price quote tool if you are looking for budgetary numbers.

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“We bought the Thunderstone Search Appliance. It was here in our office. It doesn't really need much configuration. We set it up and just forgot about it. It ran perfectly, right away.”

- Tim Gall, Publisher
The Lincoln Library Press

“Part of our decision to purchase the Thunderstone SBE Appliance in 2008 was knowing that we needed to organize 11 years of Intranet content. We recognized that the available administrative features…”

- Britt Bullock, Web Developer
Arvest Bank

“We use a Thunderstone Search Appliance to search our company intranet. All the customization options are great. It has been a very valuable product to us. Overall, the product is very nice…”

- Jeremy , Programmer
Perdue Farms Inc